It is essential that you count the number of pieces for each toy prior to borrowing and ensure that the item is either complete or matches the details in our toy registery, MiBase (alerts to pieces already missing etc). If there are any pieces missing let the duty person know, so that they can update MiBase. If not, you will be held liable for the missing piece upon return of the toy. 


When returning the borrowed toys it is the member’s responsibility to ensure that they are clean and complete. If any damage has been incurred during the borrowing period the member must enter the details of the damage into the Repairs Book and place the damaged toy in the Repairs area of the library. 

It is essential that each toy is re-counted upon return to ensure that no pieces have gone missing during the borrowing period. If there are, please notify the duty person in order that the missing piece/s can be noted in MiBase and a fine entered. 

Once the toys have been counted you are responsible for returning them to the correct shelf for that toy category.


The toy library has a system whereby members incur a fine for overdue toys, missing pieces and non-attendance at a roster (including stocktake). This system exists to encourage members to use the toy library properly, ensuring that all members are supported during rosters and toys are made available for borrowing at regular intervals. 

Fine Type Charge
Overdue Toys $1.00 per week per toy
Lost Pieces $5.00 per piece (NB Refunded if found & returned)
Roster Non-attendance $20 per non-attendance
Overdue Party Pack $5.00 per toy per day
Damaged Toys see below



A certain amount of wear and tear is expected but members are responsible for damage or loss. In the event of damage whilst a toy is in your possession you are required to enter the details in the Repairs Book upon return of the toy. 

Decisions regarding fines are made at the discretion of the Committee and you will be notified in due course. In the rare case of loss or irreparable damage to the whole toy, a payment of 50% of the cost of the toy shall be paid.