The Carlisle/Victoria Park Toy Library is run entirely by its members and has been servicing our local community since 1989. It ensures that the children of the Town of Victoria Park have access to a range of quality educational toys, games and puzzles, specifically catering for the 0-6 year age group.

BENEFITS to Borrowing

πŸ’‘  Development - encourage your child’s development through a variety of play and educational toy options. 

❀️  Choice - so many toys, games and puzzles to choose from with new ones being ordered every year.  We strive to supply toys which we know kids love! 

🌳  Environmental - throwing away old toys is not great for our environment.  Joining the library is one thing you can do to reduce toys end ing up in landfill.

πŸ’² Cost - instead of buying toys your child may not like or play with for long, save money and join the library where you can get new toys every week for as little as $1.25 per week!

πŸ”„  Toy  Rotation - we all know kids move on from toys quickly either by out-growing or through boredom and burnout - the library gives the opportunity to refresh toys every week!